从罗纳平原到海拔 3,000 米的 Plaine Morte普莱恩莫尔特冰川,克莱恩·蒙大拿是一个阳光明媚的地区,拥有令人叹为观止的景色,从比奇峰经马特宏峰一直延伸到勃朗峰的山峰环抱。 湖泊、森林、冰川、葡萄园,该地区为大自然爱好者提供了一切。它也为运动员提供了许多专门为他们准备的基础设施,文化爱好者可以享受到丰富的博物馆、活动和节日。 克莱恩·蒙大拿确实拥有山城生活方式的所有优势,从山间小屋到星级餐厅,众多餐厅可供选择,众多精品店和商店、卫生设施、各种娱乐活动和夜生活在那里等着您。

From the Rhône plain to the Plaine Morte glacier at 3,000 meters, Crans-Montana is a sunny region with a breathtaking view that stretches over the garland of summits stretching from Bietschhorn to Mont-Blanc via the Matterhorn. Lakes, forests, a glacier, vineyards, the region has everything to offer nature lovers. Athletes are provided by the many infrastructures dedicated to them, as do culture enthusiasts by the richness of the offer of museums, events and festivals. Crans-Montana is really all the advantages of the urban lifestyle in the mountains with a wide choice of restaurants ranging from mountain huts to starred restaurants, numerous boutiques and shops, wellness, varied entertainment and a lively nightlife await you there.

近 30 年来,La Perle Noire旅行公事专注于定制旅游。我们根据需求提供一对一咨询. 我们注重体验为旅游带来的满足感。

Novita 在克莱恩蒙塔纳已经生活了15 年多,对这个地区非常了解。她可以为您提供完整的定制旅游服务和普通话当地协助。


For nearly 30 years, La Perle noire has focused on customized tours. We provide one-on-one consultations based on needs. We focus on the satisfaction that experience brings to travel.

Novita has lived in Crans-Montana for more than 15 years and knows the area very well. She can provide you with a complete customized tour service and local assistance in Mandarin and English. 

Here are some examples of our customized tours package :